03/01/2020, 23:00 GMT+7

First private not-for-profit university secures approval VinUni University, with a first-year intake of 300 students, scheduled to begin first academic year in September 2020.

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The Prime Minister has officially approved the establishment of VinUni University, with a first-year intake of 300 students, online newspaper Vietnam News reported on December 27.

With total investment of VND6.5 trillion ($280 million) from conglomerate Vingroup, VinUni will be the first private Vietnamese not-for-profit university built following an elite university model to train and develop talent for the future.

VinUni’s goal is to train elite human resources - talented people with outstanding qualities and creative thinking with a strong desire to create excellent work and products.

To realize this goal, Vingroup has committed to raising VND6.5 trillion ($280 million), including VND3.5 trillion ($150.9 million) for infrastructure investment and VND3 trillion ($129 million) for talent and scholarships over the first ten years.

In the first phase, VinUni will focus on three majors: Business Administration, Health Sciences, and Engineering and Computer Science. The three aim to meet the current and future needs of Vietnam as well as global trends in eight specific fields: hotel management, business administration, real estate management, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, medicine, and nursing.

VinUni is located at Vinhomes Ocean Park in Hanoi’s Gia Lam district on a total area of 23 ha. Basic construction has already been completed, including the main building, dormitories, a sports complex, a library, labs, and simulation buildings.

It has received thousands of applications for its first academic year, which is scheduled to start in September 2020.

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