Hanoi named among world’s 50 most beautiful cities

Hanoi named among world’s 50 most beautiful cities

Hanoi has been named among the world’s most 50 beautiful cities by Flight Network, one of the leading online tourism companies in Canada, for its dynamic beauty of an economic hub and also the diverse culinary art.
23:00, 08/11/2019
A view of Hanoi. (Photo: Flight Network)

Flight Network, one of the Canadian largest travel agencies, has recently ranked Hanoi among the 50 most beautiful cities.

The ranking is based on a survey conducting over 1,000 respondents including travel companies, writers and tourism bloggers.

Hanoi is described as an amazing city in Vietnam since the millennial metropolis has not only attracted visitors for its dynamic beauty of an economic hub but also the diverse culinary art.

Sitting at the 37th place in the list, Hanoi is a delightful blend of French and Vietnamese architecture, delicious restaurants and intriguing Old Quarter.

Hanoi, though changing fast, is one of the few really beautiful cities in Southeast Asia.

An enthralling view to Hoan Kiem Lake, the icon of Hanoi. (Photo: Vietnam Express Travel)

“There are endless things to see and do here from ancient Buddhist temples like the Perfume Pagoda that was built into a mountain range, experiencing traditional water puppetry at the Thang Long Puppet theater, or wandering through the streets while snacking on local cuisine,” Flight Network wrote.

It seems that street food is one of the unmissable experiences when visitors arrive at the city as “people can find all delicacies like different meats on a stick, Pho, sticky rice, and the Ốc Len Xào Dừa (aka sea snails in coconut milk).”

Most of the cities ranked in the list are American and European while Hanoi of Vietnam is one out of the modest three representatives from Southeast Asia besides Bangkok (Thailand) and Singapore.

Hanoi is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Asia- Pacific region for foreign holidaymakers. The city welcomed 4.8 million international arrivals in 2018, MasterCard reported.

The capital city is the tourism hub of the whole country, especially in the north. The city’s authority is actively cooperating with other Vietnam’s provinces and cities to create a network of destinations with the aim of luring more visits.

Topping the list is Paris of France. Apart from Hanoi in Southeast Asia, Bangkok of Thailand and Singapore are also named in the list.

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