Lick of paint rebirths iconic Da Lat slope

Lick of paint rebirths iconic Da Lat slope

Around 30 murals spread across walls, window frames and window boxes capture the colorful ambiance of everyday alley life in the Central Highlands town of Da Lat.
23:00, 08/01/2020
Da Lat’s People’s Committee late last week unveiled Nha Lang "art street" after an artistic makeover by a group of renowned painters and students.
A shortcut between Ward 5 and 6 to the local market, this 200-meter sloping pathway is familiar to many generations of Da Lat people who enjoy shedding 2-3 km off their daily trip.
Murals depicting, amongst others, wild sunflowers, Da Lat train station or its Cathedral bell tower span the length of the slope, covering several private homes and public space alike.
The diverse and flamboyant works add a refreshing gloss to the dilapidated alley.
Aside from representative flowers and landscapes, artists included portraits of many locals, Bui Thi Xuan high school students, and historical figures like Doctor Alexandre Yersin who spent a significant portion of his life in Vietnam. Yersin was credited with finding the site for Da Lat in 1893. Because of the high altitude and European-like climate, Da Lat soon became a holiday destination for French officers during the colonial time. Yersin is world-renowned as the co-discoverer of the bacillus responsible for the bubonic plague or pest.
Nha Lang is the former name of Nguyen Bieu Street in Ward 1, and is still employed by locals today. The name hails from the community building once reserved for communal affairs and gatherings at the intersection of five different paths.
The paintings line five paths, covering 19 walls, totaling approximately 2,000 square meters.
A representative of the creators said that this slanting alley was specifically chosen because of its humble and habitual nature that most people overlook when mentioning the misty town. Instead, praises concentrate on the ancient villas and cathedral and their charm whilst neglecting the aging slopes, alleys, and winding stairs that link the streets of Da Lat. Yet, these seemingly ordinary pathways are quintessential to the Da Lat lifestyle. The project theme seeks to promote this aspect of Da Lat.

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