Regent teams up with BIM Group for first project in Vietnam

Regent teams up with BIM Group for first project in Vietnam

Taiwan-based international luxury hotel operator Regent is going to take the first step in Vietnam with the Phu Quoc Marina project developed by BIM Group.
16:04, 23/08/2016

According to Ralf Ohletz, Regent’s president of Design and Concept, with its pleasant climate, rich culture, wonderful food, and fascinating natural sights, Southeast Asia is rightfully  considered a popular tourist destination. Now with the rapid economic growth, it has transformed from budget travellers’ must-visit hotspot into a coveted luxury destination.

“Among all the attractions, Vietnam is certainly a hidden gem waiting to be discovered,” Ohletz said in his speech at the press meeting. “We are now looking for partners who share our vision and are capable of providing top-notch equipment and devices to work closely with us and bring a whole new luxury accommodation experience to all guests traveling to Vietnam.”

Regent boasts of being the combination of simple Eastern style and Western elegance.

Phu Quoc has been attracting a lot of luxury vacation real estate projects, including hotels, condotels, and vacation villas. Examples include Vingroup’s Vinpearl Phu Quoc and Sun Group’s Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort.

Phu Quoc Marina includes hotels, a resort, shop houses, beachfront villas, condotels, and beachfront apartments. Entertainment facilities include a 30-hectare water park, walking streets in the shop house area, and night markets. The hotels will offer a wide selection of shops, spas, restaurants, movie theatres, reading rooms, community space, and children’s space.

Beside Regent, BIM Group also cooperates with Intercontinental in the Phu Quoc Marina project. Intercontinental is going to manage the Intercontinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort inside the project.

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