08/01/2020, 07:00 GMT+7

Renovation area around Hoan Kiem lake

Reatimes.vn On January 2, for the third time in 10 years, the city held an exhibition and consulted people about the project to renovate the area around Hoan Kiem lake.

In this exhibition, there will show the embankment plan of hollow, precast concrete blocks of fiber. This solution ensures long-term sustainability and harmonizes with the ancient landscape around the lake. The construction process can be done at night and does not involve surrounding walls, digging foundation, affecting water surface and trees. In addition, a section to upgrade the sidewalk with the proposal to replay the entire pavement around the Lake with granite continues to be displayed. In particular, 170 m paving stone pavement from 2010 will also be replaced with a new stone.

Since 2010, Hoan Kiem district has begun researching on the improvement and embellishment of Hoan Kiem lake architectural space including renovation and upgrading walking paths, flower gardens and maintaining embankments.

Exhibition of design options, consultation with the project community "Building, renovating and embellishing the area around Hoan Kiem lake" takes place from January 2 to January 8 at Hoan Kiem Cultural Information Center (No. 2, Le Thai To, Hanoi).

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