Swisstouches rolls out massive HR training for La Luna resort

Swisstouches rolls out massive HR training for La Luna resort

The sustainable development of the tourism industry has led to the expansion of a number of giant names in the field of hospitality to Vietnam, including Swisstouches Hotels & Resorts from Switzerland. This group will officially manage and operate Swisstouches La Luna Resort project with almost 2,000 rooms in Nha Trang from the last quarter of 2019. Cassie Chen, brand development director of Swisstouches Hotels & Resorts, regaled VIR about the company’s strategy in Vietnam.
19:00, 14/05/2019
Cassie Chen, Brand Development Director of Swisstouches Hotels & Resorts.

Cassie Chen, Brand Development Director of Swisstouches Hotels & Resorts.

Question. Swisstouches La Luna Resort Nha Trang (under the ownership of La Luna Holdings) is planning its soft opening by the end of this year. As the operator of this 5-star resort, could you please share how you are preparing for the launch?

Response. The concept of Swisstouches La Luna Resort is quite different from other real estate paradigms in Vietnam. To ensure smooth operations, we are not only a property developer here but also provide support in the recruitment of high-quality and professional human resources so that we can enter the market with our unique blend of Swiss hospitality services before the trial operations by the end of 2019. I am confident our help in HR will be particularly effective due to our affiliation with Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland (HTMi), which ranked 14th in the 2018 World QS Top University rankings in the area of hospitality and leisure management.

Q. Nha Trang city is a veritable battlefield between 4-5 star hotels like Wyndham, JW Marriott, and others. You must have carried out thorough market research and mapped out a strategy to conquer the heart of the most discerning customers. Can you reveal what factors will help Swisstouches to stand out from this hive of resorts?

R. We are stepping into the Vietnamese market offering Swiss quality and services tested and proven by time under the globally recognised brand Swisstouches. We do expect to run into unforeseen obstacles and difficulties along the way, but we are confident that we can overcome anything the market has to throw at us with our united team, can-do attitude, and dedication to our charter statement “Our hotel is our home and its guests our guests.”

We have Swiss-quality hotel management, a Swisstouches training academy, our very own spa concepts, and last but not least a Swisstouches Shop for all guests to purchase Swiss souvenirs/presents as a beautiful for home. In addition, we have home decorations items, furniture, and delicious Swisstouches Delights (Swiss chocolate) all of which you can get within our hotel.

Q. Can you tell more about your experience to operate a series of Swisstouches Hotels & Resorts around the world to satisfy customers and make them return frequently to ensure high occupancy every year?

R. We follow our “SWISS” standards (Smile, Welcome, Interact, Satisfy, and Support) in order to ensure flawless services arriving just at the right time – at all times. In addition, we have our own unique benchmarking standardisation from reservation until post-stay follow up to create memorable experiences for our guests at all of our properties. On top of that, we operate all our assets, people, facilities, and services by the motto “First Impression is Last Expression.”

5-star relaxation complex in Nha Trang – Swisstouches La Luna Resort.

5-star relaxation complex in Nha Trang – Swisstouches La Luna Resort.

Q. Can you tell more about the employees working for Swisstouches all over the world?

R. We are expanding our brand across the globe, from Switzerland to Vietnam as we have accumulated a great deal of experience in diverse cultural settings, people, and of course hospitality. At our different markets, we keep our doors wide open for young and talented people. This is why we are affiliated with HTMi, which raises many international students from certificate till master level, with rich training both in theory and practice.

HTMi’s motto is “Come as a student, become a manager,” making it a place where future managers can polish their abilities and skills before entering into the world of business. In addition, they have different branches in Singapore, Australia, and the Middle East aside from Switzerland which showcases Swisstouches and HTMi’s expansion strategy in the global hospitality industry.

Each standard room at Swisstouches hotels carries distinct Swiss marks.

Each standard room at Swisstouches hotels carries distinct Swiss marks.

Q. What training can you offer to your staff in Vietnam to ensure the success of Swisstouches La Luna Resort once it’s in full operation?

R. We welcome multi-talented people from all over the world who would like to start a new chapter in Vietnam with our Swiss hospitality brand. Based on our deep market research in Vietnam, the country is still struggling with the lack of qualified human resources in the hospitality industry. We have joined hands with La Luna Holdings to map out a fully qualified hospitality training programme for students in Vietnam. We are going to open an HTMi in Vietnam to conduct massive training courses for up-coming employees of Swisstouches La Luna Resort and other projects owned by La Luna Holdings.

We also have a training academy on site at each property, which will fully support our staff to acquire the know-how and attain the level of proficiency which is necessary to work as a member of our large family.

On top of this, we joined hands with La Luna Holdings to offer scholarships for the children of investors at HTMi based on their total investment. We hope that this co-operation between a Swiss partner and a Vietnamese developer will be a milestone for the Vietnamese hotel and service industry, offering a new platform for all future generations.

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