Vietnam Real Estate Symposium 2019 set for Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam Real Estate Symposium 2019 set for Ho Chi Minh City

Directors and experts to provide key observations, analysis, and predictions about the future of Vietnam's real estate market on September 12.
10:00, 03/09/2019
(Photo: Viet Tuan/VET)

Auscham, in an exclusive partnership with Cushman & Wakefield, will host the Vietnam Real Estate Symposium 2019 at the Sofitel Saigon Plaza in Ho Chi Minh City on September 12. Directors and experts from Vietnam’s real estate industry will provide key observations, analysis, and predictions about the future of the market and “What’s Next”.

The organizing board has gathered industry thought leaders to provide essential market insights, analysis, and predictions. The exclusive event will be limited to 200-300 attendees, including local and regional developers, large-scale domestic and foreign investors, multinational companies, and government representatives.

The premier real estate symposium will return for its seventh year running to assemble leading industry players to collaborate and share market insights. With one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, Vietnam has become more globalized than ever despite increasing political and economic unrest worldwide. Commercial and residential real estate markets in Vietnam’s largest cities and adjacent provinces have boomed in recent years, leading to more domestic and foreign investment into Grade A and luxury properties.

Following the global financial crisis, as Vietnam’s real estate market began to pick up, Auscham organized its inaugural Vietnam Real Estate Symposium in 2013. In years prior, Vietnam lacked a single event to showcase all sectors of the country’s real estate market. The vision was bold and straightforward: to be Vietnam’s preeminent event for regional investors, developers, government representatives, and service providers in the real estate market. Its aim was to bring together major industry players to share insights, track recent changes and developments in policy and law, and create a collaborative atmosphere for all interested parties to connect, network, and interact. This year, the organizing board will continue its mission of producing the country’s “must-attend” event for commercial, industrial, and residential real estate in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s property market has steadily recovered since the difficulties of 2009-2013, particularly within the residential sector. Surging demand for residential property has led to a high absorption rate of 70-80 per cent of new supply (with 30,000 to 40,000 new apartment units available each year). Markets in provinces surrounding Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Da Nang have subsequently prospered as well.

Foreign participation and investment continues to grow due to project cooperation, M&A, and direct financing, while domestic and foreigner buyers have driven interest for Grade A and luxury apartments and spurred new models for real estate development. While the outlook for 2019 and beyond is exciting, previous years have demonstrated that markets are not definitively predictable. To prevent the risk of a new bubble, it’s vital to consider the necessary procedures and policies to avoid market overheating.

For these reasons, the Vietnam Real Estate Symposium 2019 will focus on “What’s Next”, which will cater to discussions about the future of real estate in Vietnam.

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