Zeitgeist metro city to add more green space

Zeitgeist metro city to add more green space

First phase of metro city project in Ho Chi Minh City to be completed by Q3 2021.
23:00, 09/12/2019
(Photo: GS E&C)

Zeitgeist, the largest metro city in Saigon South and developed by Vietnam GS Industry (VGSI) - a subsidiary of the prestigious GS E&C in South Korea - will add more green space in Nha Be district as per the company’s commitment to incorporating nature as the new standard of living.

With a total area of 349 ha, divided into five development stages, and with an expected population of up to 68,000 citizens, Zeitgeist is one of the largest projects in the South Saigon area. Phase 1.1 of the project, called “Zeit River County 1”, will cover 17.9 ha and comprise 359 villas, townhouses, and shophouses.

Built to be a modern urban area, 70 per cent of Zeitgeist is green with ample public space and relaxing facilities. The project incorporates solar panels to ensure sustainable energy sources while designing homes to have airy views, optimized for fresh air and natural light.

“We believe incorporated greenery should be the new standard for city living, especially in Ho Chi Minh City,” said Mr. Cho Sung Yol, General Director of VGSI. “Having delivered several green projects, we use technological strength to protect the environment, which ultimately enhances the standard of living for residents. We harmoniously combine and balance modern technology and green nature, which is a remarkable added value that we believe Zeitgeist residents will appreciate.”

Intending to create a balanced living environment for the community, natural, and environmental factors are integral to the project. The parks are made up of vast green spaces and multi-functional outdoor facilities, bringing a luxury lifestyle which is in harmony with nature.

Further to this point, the villas, townhouses and shops will be built with green concrete and low carbon. The approved design technology optimally combines construction heat sources to promote renewable energy. Energy-saving technologies and automated waste collection systems have also been put into practice to help adhere to Zeitgeist’s overall zero-waste initiative.

According to a Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transportation report, the South Saigon area is a “bright spot” as the city continues to urbanize. Once the city’s major bridges are completed, many traffic bottlenecks will disappear, which is vital in raising the value of strategic connectivity in the South Saigon area.

In November, the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee sent a document to the Prime Minister on resolving all issues related to Zeitgeist in order to begin construction as scheduled. Construction of Zeit River County 1 is expected to kick-off by the end of this year, with a completion timeline of the third quarter of 2021. The entire Zeitgeist project is expected to be completed within ten years.

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