Bosch provides security solution to Deutsches Haus in HCMC

Thứ Tư, 01/01/2020 - 23:00

High-end building in need of top-grade security as it hosts the German Consulate General.

(Photo: Bosch Vietnam)

Dutch technology producer Bosch is protecting the high-end Deutsches Haus building hosting the Consulate General of Germany in Ho Chi Minh City.

In search of an adequate video security solution, the team at Deutsches Haus knew that high-definition cameras alone would not suffice. When several hundred cameras are required to secure an area of this size, personnel tend to be overwhelmed by the amount of video feeds.

Over a period of just 20 minutes, the average operator misses 90 per cent of important scenes, studies have proven. For this reason, modern IP security cameras feature Intelligent Video Analytics - using algorithms and AI-based image recognition - to support operators by detecting security events automatically.

Bosch experts covered the building and its perimeter with network security cameras featuring built-in Intelligent Video Analytics. Indoor areas like entrance doors, the reception area, the lobby, the café, and parking garages and corridors to fire escapes are monitored by over 170 cameras. The building’s elevators are also protected by Bosch cameras. Thanks to built-in-intelligence, IP cameras automatically alert security personnel of illicit behavior, for instance persons accessing restricted areas.

The building’s perimeter and parking lot are safeguarded with outdoor-approved cameras with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) capabilities. Integrated with a third-party solution to open barriers for authorized vehicles, the cameras can automatically track moving objects such as cars and pedestrians - and warn personnel of threats - with their 30x zoom lens, while obtaining images under low light conditions via Bosch’s starlight technology combined with Intelligent Video Analytics. As a key requisite, the networked cameras are able to withstand Ho Chi Minh City’s four-month wet season and are resistant to vandalism.

The Public Address and Voice Evacuation system of Bosch was installed in the building for the safety of building occupants. This solution makes it possible for occupants to feel safe in the building while enjoying high quality music and excellent Public Address speech intelligibility.

For the building owner, it can establish long-term cost savings and minimize the total cost of ownership. The system is especially eco-friendly because less amplifiers are needed due to power-load sharing of the amplifier architecture, which in turn requires fewer batteries.

Since the opening day, the Bosch system has provided government-grade security at Deutsches Haus in Ho Chi Minh City. “I am proud to have Bosch both as a tenant and as a brand who secures Deutsches Haus with its high quality and reliable video security cameras and sound systems,” said Mr. Ryan Lower, Property Director at Colliers International - Deutsches Haus. While meeting the challenge of securing diplomatic and enterprise assets in a publicly-accessible building, the future-proof solution provides an important reference in this dynamic market.

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