Final Sky Bridge completed at Diamond Lotus Riverside

Final Sky Bridge completed at Diamond Lotus Riverside

Second cable-stayed bridge completed and new residents to be welcomed soon.
16:00, 14/08/2019
(Photo source: Phuc Khang Corporation)

(Photo source: Phuc Khang Corporation)

After successfully connecting the Sky Park cable-stayed bridge between Block A and Block B at Diamond Lotus Riverside luxury project in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 8, green building developer the Phuc Khang Corporation and construction contractor Coteccons has announced the completion of the Sky Park cable-stayed bridge connecting Block B and Block C. This will be part of the final preparations for the completion of Block C to welcome the next “green” residents to the project.

This milestone marks the completion of the Sky Park, on an area of up to 5,000 sq m, which will be a “giant outdoor penthouse” for owners at Diamond Lotus Riverside.

This is the first real estate joint venture project between the Phuc Khang Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation. Diamond Lotus Riverside has welcomed over 90 per cent of residents at Blocks A and B and continual handover of completed apartments to customers will take place in September of 2019.

The second Sky Park cable-stayed bridge marks the final activity at Diamond Lotus Riverside and one of the final phases of Block C.

Once completed, the Sky Park  will be a community living space and Phuc Khang’s contribution to its valued customers. With the Sky Park, residents will be immersed in fresh air, meditating in a radiant sunrise or sunset with 360-degree views that are certain to increase property values.

“We are very proud that Diamond Lotus Riverside has been completed on schedule,” said Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, Director of the Project Management Board for Phuc Khang. “The ceremony connecting the bridge between Block B and C - the final bridge of the project - marks the completion of the ‘giant green wall’ and sees us enter into the closing stage of welcoming residents.”

As a pioneer project in green building development under international standards, Diamond Lotus Riverside impressed many customers right from the day it was launched. The complex is in a prime location within 5 km of Ho Chi Minh City’s downtown area with beautiful landscapes, waterways, a unique and outstanding architectural design.

With a 300-meter riverfront, all apartments have spacious river views and modern facilities that meet strict demands and were built according to LEED standards from the US Green Building Council (USGBC) - a prestigious and popular green building standard followed in 150 countries around the world - as well as Lotus standards from the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) and Japanese construction technology.

Besides its advantages from selecting premium construction materials that optimize power and water use and are highly durable, living spaces in the project use 100 per cent power from solar and wind. In partnership with the developer, the contractor designed a variety of apartments and utilities, such as a modern swimming pool, a BBQ area, a children’s playground, an exercise area for the elderly, and riverside parks.

Diamond Lotus Riverside has won major awards for Phuc Khang Corporation, such as BCI Top Ten Developers 2016, Top 20 real estate projects with “Standard Living Space” in 2018, “Typical Design” in Vietnam’s Real Estate Award 2017, and “Most Livable Green Building” in Vietnam at the National Real Estate Awards of the Vietnam Real Estate Association (VNREA).

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