Hanoi’s CPI up 2.04% in 2023

Thứ Hai, 01/01/2024 - 06:03

Hanoi’s consumer price index (CPI) in 2023 is estimated to increase 2.04% year-on-year, according to the Hanoi Statistics Office.

Hanoi’s CPI up 2.04% in 2023- Ảnh 1.

Shoppers at a supermarket in Hanoi. (Photo: VNA)

Nine of the 11 groups in the commodity basket experienced price hikes, with education services up 5.89%; beverages and tobacco 3.37%; restaurant and catering services 3.12%; housing, electricity, water supply and construction materials 1.85%; apparel, headwear and footwear 1.7%; culture, entertainments and tourism 0.89%; household equipment 0.79%; medicines and medical services 0.33%; and other goods and services 4.69%.

Only two saw price reductions in 2023, including transportation down 1.73%, and post and telecommunication 0.75%.

According to the municipal statistics office, tourism is a key sector that greatly contributed to boosting consumption in the city in 2023.

Hanoi's CPI dropped by 0.1% in December from the previous month and rose by 4.77% compared to December 2022.

Two groups of goods/services had prices fall compared to the previous month, including transportation down 1.73% due to two consecutive gasoline price falls on December 7 and December 14. Meanwhile, the group of housing, electricity, water, fuel, and construction materials decreased by 0.06%./.

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