Imperia Garden, destination of year-end investment

Imperia Garden, destination of year-end investment

The last shop villas of the Imperia Garden project are forecasted to become an attractive destination for investors who are seeking profitable and safe investment chances from now to the end of the year.
08:46, 29/11/2018

People tend to spend their money on gold, foreign currency, real estate or stock to make profit by the end of the year. Among the four investment channels, gold and foreign currency are losing their attraction, while fluctuations in the real estate and stock markets make investors hesitate.


As a result, they move to assets which not only bring them regular income nearly at the same rate as bank’s savings but are also able to make profit in a sustainable and safe way.

Against the backdrop of this market, commercial villas in the Shop Villa Imperia Garden project, which have been offered for sale in the final round, become a spotlight attracting a large number of visitors, especially by the end of the year.

With smart design, these villas can be used for both living and doing business. Construction of all the villas has been completed, offering customers a chance to move to larger houses to live and welcome the upcoming New Year holiday. For investors, these villas have become assets which are profitable immediately.

Being designed as a mini, luxurious and classy Milano style, the Imperia Garden commercial villas are full of elements to become an attractive business destination.


The first advantage of Imperia Garden is each villa has a modern architectural style with a spacious layout, which can be used for high-end restaurant, spa, salon, foreign language center, office or showroom. Another advantage of the project which others hardly have is large parking basement and elevator waiting pits.

Location is also another “added value” of the Imperia Garden. The project is situated in the heart of the city’s new western urban area, 203 Nguyen Huy Tuong street and 143 Nguyen Tuan street, which is convenient for transport. It is also a place where offices of many departments and ministries are located. Added to this, the number of hi-end apartments is rising, leading to high demand for renting offices and space for doing business.

It is hard to find a housing project inside the city which is large enough for doing business like Imperia Garden. It is likely that there will not be another such project like the Imperia Garden. Realizing that fact, investors cannot miss a chance to make profit.

At present, the renting price of some villas comes up to 70-80 million VND/month.

Added to this, these villas are also a channel for safe and sustainable asset reserve in the context of high demand but scarce supply. In the real estate business, the project which owns attractive location is scarce, especially one like Imperia Garden making the demand for the property greater and the price higher.

There are a total of 42 villas under the Imperia Garden project. However, chances of owning a profit-making potential villa is decreasing as there are few still remaining for the last offering round.

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