Impressive 6.9 metre high ceilings at The Marq

Impressive 6.9 metre high ceilings at The Marq

A true living space is not merely a shelter, but also a source of daily inspiration, so that each passing second is a memorable moment.
04:00, 13/10/2019

A true living space is not merely a shelter, but also a source of daily inspiration. Each passing second is a memorable moment. Therefore, most expensive living spaces around the world are associated with privilege and luxurious amenities, including high ceilings designed to create unforgettable experiences, highlighting the true value of life.

Hunting for living spaces with high ceilings

Sometimes even called the “fifth wall”, ceilings are taking centre stage these days. They can make the biggest difference to a room, although it’s typically the last place people look at. In recent years, however, ceiling height has become one of the top three characteristics to consider when designing new homes. Higher ceilings usually mean more window area and more natural light, allowing sunshine to add a beautiful atmosphere to rooms and make the space warmer. The global luxury real estate market has shown that the super-rich tend to choose living spaces with high, airy ceilings, in addition to premium amenities.

Buying a home is an emotional thing, and the “wow” factor a high ceiling provides is something you can’t replace. It’s not only about residents being able to enjoy views of the city from their living room, but also about space for hanging art masterpieces since spacious homes with high ceilings are often sought by buyers with art collections.

Today, the era of 2.4-metre-high ceilings is coming to an end, giving way to more luxurious living spaces with higher ceilings, of 3-3.6 metres, and even up to 6 metres. Higher ceilings generally translate into higher construction costs, but the extra height can set a development apart from the pack and help attract successful and sophisticated buyers.

The Marq sets a new standard for luxury condos in Vietnam

The Marq is one of the few projects in Vietnam pursuing the design trend of high ceilings, targeting wealthy buyers looking for unique life experiences. Whether you are in the living-and-dining room or bedroom, with a ceiling 3.2 metres high you will cherish every moment. The four-bedroom apartments at The Marq, with stunning views towards the city centre, even feature ceilings in the living-and-dining room as high as 6.9 metres – a truly impressive figure.

The four-bedroom apartments at The Marq, with stunning views towards the city centre, feature ceilings as high as 6.9 metres.

At The Marq, higher ceilings mean taller windows and more natural light, inducing a feeling of great space and more openness. They also provide more ventilation, especially in hot and humid climatic conditions in our city, making the residence more energy-efficient.

A study was conducted by Joan Meyers-Levy, Professor of Marketing at the University of Minnesota, showing that high ceilings not only help to create elegant spaces with ample natural light, but also stimulate the brain and encourage creative thinking, create a shift in mind-set to more positive attitude, engender an overall sense of freedom and independence, as well as increase energy levels and the overall sense of happiness. This has been linked to a stronger immune system, better health and increased longevity.

Whether you are in the living-and-dining room or bedroom, with the 3.2 metre-high ceiling you will cherish every moment.

Besides these advantages, high ceiling at The Marq can provide versatility for a variety of décor. You can install a large artwork on the wall to make your space unique, go traditional with pendant lights or install antique chandeliers for an old world feel. Moreover, they add to the resale value of a living space since ceiling height is one thing you can’t change after the house is built.

Compared to the standard 2.4-2.7 metres designs popular in the local market, The Marq establishes a rare, spacious atmosphere for apartment owners, who can feel the exquisite beauty of the architecture and design, while also enjoying incredible views through the wide windows overlooking the centre of a dynamic, sleepless city.

Developed by Hongkong Land and An Khang, The Marq is a luxury residential high-rise building, located in the heart of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This development will provide 515 opulent residences comprising one- to four-bedroom condominiums offering stunning views of Ho Chi Minh City and a true luxury lifestyle for discerning investors.

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