Italian vehicle appliance manufacturer GIVI expands Vietnam business

Italian vehicle appliance manufacturer GIVI expands Vietnam business

GIVI from Italy, one of the leading manufacturer of motorcycle accessories, has consolidated its business in Vietnam with the expansion of its factory in the southern province of Long An on October 17.
18:30, 27/10/2019

GIVI started business in Vietnam a few years ago and has grown from a small company with just over 80 employees to more than 370 currently, with a commitment of expanding further in the near future.

GIVI's expansion is motivated by its passion and attention to meet the needs of its customers.

“We are satisfied with our achievements and extremely proud to add the label 'Made by GIVI Vietnam' to our brand and products,” said Joseph A. Perucca, general director of GIVI Vietnam.

“This year investments were made towards the physical restructuring of our facility and improving our technologies, this was a necessary step in order to fulfil our goal and allow us to keep investing in human resources and skills so that we can keep reaching higher,” Perucca said.

The re-opening of the factory was a commitment to GIVI's further plans to grow in Vietnam.

"Our commercial ethos and belief is that in order to be successful it is not enough to invest in foreign markets – it is necessary to become part of the society. Our traditions and operational system dictate that every single branch in our group become a self-sustained entity, and more importantly, that all profit obtained by the branch is reinvested within the country of origin,” he added.

In the words of GIVI Vietnam’s top leader the re-opening of the factory on October 17 was not only a celebration of GIVI’s history and presence in Vietnam, but also of the group's willingness to keep expanding and growing by constantly moving forward and setting new goals and targets which have allowed it to be present on four continents with manufacturing facilities in six different countries: Italy, Tunisia, Brazil, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

“These facilities are able to supply our directly-owned commercial operations in the USA, France, UK, Spain, Germany, India, and China, which together with our importer network has brought our brand, products, and services to over 110 countries in the world,” he noted.

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