Panasonic Life Solutions Vietnam builds new US$45 million factory in Binh Duong

Panasonic Life Solutions Vietnam builds new US$45 million factory in Binh Duong

Panasonic Life Solutions Vietnam, a member of Panasonic Vietnam Group, is investing over US$45 million in a second factory in Binh Duong province, which will be operational by January 2021.
23:00, 22/10/2019
An artist’s impression of Panasonic’s new factory in Binh Duong Province. Panasonic Life Solutions Vietnam (PLSVN), a member of Panasonic Vietnam Group Companies, is investing over US$45 million in constructing its second factory in the southern province of Binh Duong. (Photo: Panasonic)

Panasonic Life Solutions Vietnam (PLSVN), a member of the Panasonic Vietnam Group, has held a breaking ground ceremony for its new factory in southern Binh Duong province, attended by Panasonic’s official agent - the Fortune Electric Co., Ltd in Vietnam.

This is the second time PLSVN expanded its manufacturing space since its establishment in January 2013. The groundbreaking ceremony took place on October 10.

The new factory, located at Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park II-A, Vinh Tan Commune, Tan Uyen District, will begin operations in January 2021, covering an area of 24,000 sqm out of a total of 50,000 sqm of land, with room for future growth.

The ground-breaking ceremony of Panasonic Life Solutions Vietnam's second factory in Vietnam.

“With its mission and commitment to creating “A Better Life, A Better World” and contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnam, Panasonic is dedicated to offering a healthy yet comfortable indoor living environment to the people in Vietnam through our high-quality and energy-efficient IAQ products,” noted Kazuhiro Takeuji, general director of Panasonic Life Solutions Vietnam, in a statement.

As urbanization is increasing rapidly in Vietnam and the country is facing challenges in terms of air quality, PLSVN will focus on indoor air quality in the next phase, while continuing to provide safe consumer electronics solutions as well as improve the quality of life for Vietnamese households.

Takashi Ogasawara, president of Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd. addressing the ceremony.

PLSVN was originally established as a manufacturer of electrical construction materials such as switches, plugs, and switchgears to meet the rapid growth demands of the construction industry in Vietnam.

In this expansion, the second factory will manufacture ceiling fans and ventilation fans which is part of Panasonic Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions.

Vietnam is considered a key market for Panasonic. Therefore, Panasonic Corporation will be investing over $45 million in Panasonic Life Solutions Vietnam’s second factory.

In line with the government’s policy of attracting high quality FDI, PLSVN has also established a research and development (R&D) division on indoor air quality solutions. This new factory will not only supply the domestic market but also make Vietnam an exporter of high-quality products to other Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

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