Saigon house embraces nature with open air design

Saigon house embraces nature with open air design

Architect Nguyen Hoang Manh's Sky House allows its residents to fully experience nature right inside the comfort of their own home.
11:00, 01/03/2020
Sky House, situated in An Phu Ward of District 2 in Saigon, is surrounded by numerous skyscrapers and tightly packed houses.
With the country's biggest metropolis grappling with high construction density, Manh and his team designed Sky House using "open" and "airy" concepts to promote the connection between residents and nature.
Sky House, completed in 2019, covers a gross floor area of 433 square meters.
The fish pond is located near the kitchen, dining table and living room on the ground floor.
Architects created the house with nature invading from every corner.
The house was designed with a vertical connection between living space and sky, allowing natural light to enter from above and residents to directly experience the change of time and weather.
The team said the process was divided into two parts with the first devoted to the sun, wind, water and trees using empty spaces, while the second focused on family activities alongside necessary utilities.
First floor bedroom.
Washroom on the second floor.
The connection between inhabitants and nature has been expressed in many ways while increasing interconnectivity between usable space through layers.
These layers serve as the main subject of the house, where parents and children can see each other from every room.
Sky House is one of 10 projects that received the Realised Award of the World Architecture Community Awards (WA Awards) 33rd Cycle Winners on February 18. The architectural website's international honorary members selected 50 different winning projects from 22 economies this year.

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