Satellite urban areas could ease pressure on Da Lat: architect

Satellite urban areas could ease pressure on Da Lat: architect

To reduce the population pressure on the resort city of Da Lat, Lam Dong province authorities should not expand it but build satellite areas around it, an architect has said.
21:00, 30/07/2019
Lake of Sighs in Dat Lat City of Lam Dong province. (Photo: VNA)

Lake of Sighs in Dat Lat City of Lam Dong province. (Photo: VNA)

Dr Bui Viet Nam Son said vast areas are available for such expansion.

According to figures from the Lam Dong provincial People’s Committee, Da Lat, which was designed by the French for some 110,000 residents, now has a population of almost 280,000.

Son said the new Da Lat would be a 21st century urban area with wide roads, greenery and tall buildings as against the narrow roads and ancient houses now.

Nature should be preserved and greenery retained, he said.

In major tourism cities like Paris, the historical central areas have been preserved while new urban centres are developed nearby, according to the architect.

However, Da Lat has untidy, deteriorating and densely populated places just like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi do.

To ease the pressure caused by a burgeoning population, he said a large number of residents should be moved from densely populated places to newly developed urban areas such as Cam Ly, Lien Khuong and Duc Trong.

The most important task would be to create favourable conditions for residents to fully use and develop their ability. Based on these conditions, authorities should make development plans and adopt supportive policies to ensure the sustainable development for Da Lat, he said.

For instance, relevant state agencies should earmark places for construction of villas and high-rise buildings and farming, he said.

Those who want to build villas near the centre should pay higher prices while developers of projects in satellite areas would be supported by authorities to ensure their projects feasible, he said.

To relocate residents from the densely populated town centre, he said Da Lat must have other urban areas with comparable infrastructure and conveniences.

A new urban centre could be built in Lien Khuong, which has an airport and a highway, with a new bus route launched to link it with the town.

Bao Loc, home to the handicraft of hand weaving and situated 120 km from the town, could also be chosen to develop a new urban centre, he said.

With its natural beauty and handicraft, Bao Loc would help attract more visitors to Lam Dong province, he said.

The new and well-developed urban centres would not only ease the pressure on Da Lat but also help develop Lam Dong province, he added.

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