Fourth Industrial Revolution nudges green building materials along

Thứ Sáu, 27/09/2019 - 10:00

Industry 4.0 is pushing the building materials industry to increase capacity, decrease the consumption of raw materials and energy, and reduce CO2 emissions, while encouraging environmentally friendly materials.

The conference on building materials in Industry 4.0 highlighted several key trends.

The transformed conditions and the rising demand for green building materials incited the Vietnam Association for Building Materials to organise the international conference on “Vietnam's building material industry in the Fourth Industrial Revolution” in Hanoi on September 20 to discuss industry changes to adapt to Industry 4.0.

According to the Tong Van Nga, president of the Vietnam Association for Building Materials, since the beginning of the country's doi moi reforms the building materials industry has seen remarkable development. Notably, in 1987-2018, cement production increased more than 31 times in production capacity and 50 times in production volume.

Besides, ceramic tiles products increase more than 760 times in production capacity and 560 times in production volume. Sanitary accessories products saw an increase of over 270 times in production capacity and 350 times in production volume while the figure for building glass products (tempered glass to make door, glass to make windows)are 95 times and 114 times, respectively.

Besides, the building materials segment saw the mass entry of foreign players, including Thysenkrupp and Loesche from Germany, Sacmi and Marmomacchine from Italy, and enterprises from Japan and Korea.

“The conference provided updated information to investors, technical specialists, and managers in the building materials industry wrought by Industry 4.0, the impacts of which can be felt in almost all areas of life. It also supplied information about trends and new materials to adapt to green and environmentally friendly demand,” said Nga.

“We took advantage of the Third Industrial Revolution to produce remarkable development in the building materials sector, and we should do the same with Industry 4.0,” said Nga.

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