Hai Duong approves urban development program until 2030

Thứ Bảy, 29/12/2018 - 11:30

Hai Duong province has issued Decision No. 3962/QD-UBND approving the urban development program by 2020 with the development orientation to 2030.

Accordingly, the program was studied in the whole province, including 10 districts, 1 town and 1 city on a total area of ​​1,656sq.km. This is the basis for making development programmes for each urban area; making plan to upgrade types of urban area, setting up new urban centers, making proposals for urban development areas and plans for the implementation of urban development investment projects.

By 2020, Hai Duong province will build a system of 20 urban centers (58 of its kind by 2030). The program will upgrade some urban areas and establish new townships, expand administrative boundaries and increase urbanization rate to 33.98%.

In the 2021 – 2025 period, Hai Duong will continue to upgrade some urban areas and establish new towns, expand administrative boundaries, increase urbanization rate to 46.13%.

In the 2026 – 2030 period, continuing to upgrade some urban areas and establish new townships, expand urban administrative boundaries and complete the urban system in line with the province's socio-economic development tasks, increase the urban population rate to 51.84%.

By 2020, Hai Duong province will build 20 urban areas (Source: Internet)

By 2020, Hai Duong province will build 20 urban areas (Source: Internet)

The program also sets out the main indicators to be achieved by 2030 on population, urban quality and urban social infrastructure. In terms of urban quality by 2030, average floor area reaches ​​29sq.m/person and permanent housing is 85%. The rate of urban land of type I and II reaches over 25%; III, IV, V are 20% of urban construction land or more.

The rate of public transport of urban area type I, II and III is over 20%; Type IV, V is about 10% or more. The percentage of urban population having access to clean water in grade-I to grade-IV urban areas will reach 100%, the water supply standard will reach 120 liters / person / day; the rate in urban area grade V is 90% and 100 liters / person / day for water supply.

Water loss rate is below 15%. The coverage of the drainage system reaches 80% of the basin area; the rate of collecting and treating wastewater is 70% or higher; 100% of new production facilities use clean technology or equipment to minimize pollution.

90% of establishments causing serious pollution will be properly handled, the rate of urban solid waste collection and treatment will reach 90%; 100% of solid waste in industrial parks, hazardous medical waste will be collected and treated.

The lighting ratio in main streets and houses and lanes in grade-I and grade-II urban areas shall reach 100%. For urban areas of grade III, IV and V, 90% of the length of the main roads and 85% of the length of the residential streets and lanes are illuminated. Average urban green trees are about 12 sq.m / person, of which public green area reaches around 5sq.m / person.

Recently, the People's Council of Hai Duong province has passed a resolution on the proposal to recognize the expanded Hai Duong city meeting the criteria of urban grade 1 under Hai Duong province. Besides, the 16th Provincial People's Council has just passed a resolution to establish Chi Linh city.

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