LIM Tower raising bar in commercial office segment

LIM Tower raising bar in commercial office segment

Grade A LIM Tower 3 office building to be put into operation in September.
23:00, 06/09/2019
(Photo: LIM)

Following the success of its two previous prominent office towers, LIM recently announced that its latest evolution, LIM Tower 3, is expected to go into operation in September.

With expert know-how, a proven track record, and a keen desire to improve best practices among commercial developers, LIM Tower 3 seeks to be a new and prestigious business address for both global businesses and top local names in Ho Chi Minh City.

The 25-floor tower is located on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, on the fringes of the city’s CBD, and consists of a three-floor parking area and a spacious, column-free 1,200 sq m floorplate.

In this incredible location, the tower neighbors the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral and Independence Palace, the premier business conference venue the GEM Center, and numerous administrative addresses such as the US and French Consulates, while offering spectacular birds-eye views of the city.

Incorporating ambient green landscaping and high-end amenities, LIM Tower 3 is destined to set a new standard for commercial office excellence in Vietnam when it opens next month.

“Our goal is to create a high-quality offering for our customers through innovation and status, and to be a standout partner in the market,” said Mr. Nhat Anh Do, Managing Director of LIM. “We are building a new generation of Vietnamese office towers where hospitality, work, and sustainable design meet to create a harmonious, healthy, and inspirational environment.”

“The invisible ambiance instilled in LIM Tower 3 goes back to good old-fashioned Vietnamese values like humility, perseverance, honesty, and hard work. That, coupled with an impeccable sense of professional standards - sharpness, elegance, and innovation - will give both well-established global businesses and aspirational top local names the empowerment and enrichment needed to thrive here.”

Located in the business and cultural heart of District 1, LIM Tower 3 is a nature-oriented structure in the middle of the bustling city. Several international and local architects, designers, and contractors cooperated to deliver LIM Tower 3.

The experienced Vertical Studio, headquartered in Taiwan (China), spearheaded the design of the neo-classic tower, while the award-winning Hoa Binh Construction carried out the building. The Ho Chi Minh City-based D1 architectural studio is responsible for the graceful landscape.

The art-filled, high-ceiling lobby elevates workers’ and guests’ aspirations daily. It is warm and intimate in every detail, with exhibition space, unique artwork, and a variety of private corners to be used as needed.

The carefully curated landscape is replete with lush tropical trees and flexible design. Tenants will feel inspired to work outside amid nature to rest their minds, release stress, and gather in small groups or at tasteful corporate events. LIM Tower 3 boasts a column-free structure, ensuring tenants an environment with the utmost flexibility.

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