Property firms face financial difficulties

Property firms face financial difficulties

HCM City-based property developers listed their difficulties at a meeting between the HCM City Real Estate Association and the city authorities on Wednesday.
19:00, 29/01/2019
Property firms face financial difficulties.

Property firms face financial difficulties.

An executive from the Cho Lon Real Estate Company urged the city to invest more money in the joint-venture projects with it, saying it is unable to raise funding for them.

Vietcomreal called on city authorities not to review the legal aspects of old property projects already sold to customers since it would cause anxiety among the public.

According to Nguyen Van Duc, chairman of Dia Oc Xanh, his company’s 5,000sq.m project faces difficulties related to land-use fees for a 125sq.m area.

He said this year developers would face challenges as land-use fees were set to increase.

Tran Trong Tuan, director of the city Department of Construction, admitted there were “challenges and difficulties” related to land-use fees and identifying developers before a project gets under way.

He said only 25 per cent of property projects licensed for construction now were on lands approved for construction, with the remaining being agricultural lands for which taxes have not been paid to convert their purpose.

City authorities had twice asked the Government to resolve these issues and urged developers to go ahead with their projects, he said.

Delays in these projects not only increased construction costs, but also had a negative impact on the real estate market and the city’s Housing for Low Income Group programme, he added.

Tran Vinh Tuyen, deputy chairman of the city, said the city would provide sufficient information about the real estate markets to the public.

“The city authorities must safeguard citizens’ legal benefits.”

Projects which had been approved and licensed by relevant agencies must be allowed to be completed, he said.

The People’s Committee promised that officials would meet with the leaders of Districts Nha Be, 2 and 5 next week to guide them on these issues.

The city was also considering exemption of land-use fees for houses built under the Housing for Low Income Group programme, he added.

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