Proptech: Inevitable trend of the real estate market

Thứ Năm, 06/06/2019 - 11:30

“Proptech” is one of the most discussed and mentioned keywords when people talk about the future of the real estate market, Savills reported.

Residences can book amenities instantly. (Photo: Savills)

Residences can book amenities instantly. (Photo: Savills)

Vietnam has quickly adopted smart technology and promptly caught up with the rest of the world, so is no out of the global proptech (property technology) trend, according to a Savills report released on May 27.

The report noted that proptech refers to technology aimed at the real estate industry and attempts to change the way we buy, sell, finance, and manage property.

In Vietnam, smart technology is applied to various aspects of the property market, from mobile apps for sales purpose to integrating smart technology to developments in both public areas and privately occupier spaces (apartment / retail). Even property managers are gradually employing smart technology for effective project management and operations.

At the forefront of this megatrend, Savills Vietnam has dedicated an experienced team to develop the Savills Property Management Solution (SPMS), an official and direct communications channel between developer, residents, and tenants.

The mobile app offers an immediate and personalized response to requests and demands via an automated system. Providing a clear passage of communication between residents and property managers, SPMS also enables residents to process bills and book building amenities with a few simple clicks.

Ms. Tran Minh Ai, Director of Property Management at Savills HCMC, said Savills Vietnam’s large and expanding management portfolio required additional time and resources to provide effective management practices. “With that in mind, we developed SPMS to provide property developers, managers, residents, and tenants with a direct, clear and transparent communications channel,” she said. “SPMS stores historical data from all projects, of which technical requests and feedback from residents can help property developers and managers improve project management and operations over time.”

Launched in March, SPMS has been integrated into projects managed by Savills Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Da Nang. The app will be updated regularly with new features to make all operational process more convenient and streamlined.

Savills cited data from a local report by KPMG and the Taronga Group’s investment arm Real Tech Ventures, which stated that investment into proptech companies will reach $20 billion by 2020. The report also identified urban planning, design and construction, search, sale and acquisition, leasing and management, data analytics, and sustainability as the areas most likely to rapidly innovate and attract capital investment.

Proptech - Inevitable trend of the real estate market.

Proptech - Inevitable trend of the real estate market.

Here’s how SPMS will provide residents with hassle-free living:

1. Book amenities

Residents and tenants are not always fully aware of the availability of the community amenities when needed. Residents have to ask for support from the receptionist or customer service attendant for an available timeslot and book the spaces in advance. Now with SPMS, all amenities such as karaoke, common rooms and BBQ areas can be reserved very quickly and easily. Always leaving things to the last minute? No need to worry, you can check amenity availability instantly.

2. Real-time access to information

Data is updated automatically and stored online, allowing both the management team and residents to access all the necessary features from electronic devices. The ability to control and have everything updated remotely means you can have eyes on your property while you are away.

3. 24/7 support

Technical issues can happen at any time. However, residents are not always able to reach the management team immediately. With SPMS, you can log on the app 24/7 to report any problems. The system immediately alerts the management team and helps track and prioritize requests, ensuring that urgent needs are addressed before they become major, expensive problems.

4. Improved communication

SPMS gives residents the ability to directly contact the property management team. The system also keeps residents updated on the progress of requests. SPMS offers an official and direct way to contact the property management team, as we understand that responsiveness and communication are the keys to retaining good renters and providing residents with hassle-free living.

5. Online payments

With SPMS, residents can pay their bills and services fees on the app, anywhere and anytime. You can also pay your outstanding bills via secured payment gateway at any convenience store (via PAYOO) and no longer need to remember information such as bank account, payment code, payment amount and payment descriptions. Residents can also stop worrying about lost bill records as payments are recorded within the system.

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