Vincom Shophouse Cao Lanh: Investment gold mine – Higher living standard

Vincom Shophouse Cao Lanh: Investment gold mine – Higher living standard

Vincom Shophouse Cao Lanh commercial complex is promised to bring new living standards to residents as well as valuable investment opportunities for investors in Cao Lanh city, Dong Thap.
08:10, 29/11/2018

At the end of September 2018, Vincom Retail – Vingroup officially launched Vincom Shophouse Cao Lanh commercial complex in Cao Lanh city, Dong Thap. As the first “2-in-1” model both for living and running business in Cao Lanh.

Vincom Shophouse Cao Lanh possesses a prime location in the most vibrant center of Cao Lanh city with three valuable facades contiguous to the main roads: 30 Thang 4 street, Truong Dinh street, and Cach Mang Thang Tam street. The project is in a very convenient location of the city of Cao Lanh near schools, provincial hospitals, central market, administrative headquarters, etc.

With an elegant neoclassical architectural style, Vincom Shophouse commercial complex has a four-floor design with total area of 2,500 square feet to about 3,600 square feet. Its flexible design guarantees meeting commercial and family needs in the same living space.


Shophouses’ ground floor is a spacious business premises, with 5 to 6.5 meters façade, suitable for all commercial models, such as restaurants, convenient stores, fashion shops, agent offices, and more. At the same time, upper floors are high-end living areas including common and private spaces for all members of the complex.

In maximizing the project’s prime location, modern Shophouse floors will be synchronously planned with Vincom Plaza. The “One Destination – All Thing” design converges top brands like VinMart supermarket, VinPro electronics, food and entertainment centers.

Synergizing two golden elements in a real estate product, Vincom Plaza and Vincom Shophouse is promised to be the newest, most exciting destination, attracting locals and tourists. Especially when Cao Lanh city is lacking in modern shopping and entertaining complexes. In the future, Vincom Shophouse Cao Lanh complex will not only bring in business opportunities but also sustainably increase real estate’s value.


Shophouse investment potential is assured by the success of more than 30 other Vincom Shophouse complexes across the country such as Can Tho, Thanh Hoa, Rach Gia, Ca Mau, and Vinh Long. Noticeably, Vincom Shophouse Sa Dec reassures success because all of its Shophouses were deposited as soon as the sale opened.

With only 101 luxury houses, Vincom Shophouse is believed to bring higher living standards to residents and lucrative opportunity for investors.

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